Water resources are coming under immense pressure due to economic growth, global warming, urbanization and incessant water pollution levels globally. Lack of proper water treatment and management systems only accentuate the catastrophic effect on the entire civilization.

DHARASTAN’s services embody a one-stop solutions agenda by combining extensive local environmental knowledge with our innovative technical capabilities.

Refining grass-root traditional practises … we customise process solutions … tailoring methodologies and programs to meet our customer’s specific and evolving requirements. Our concepts are driven by market requirements and regulatory compliance, while reducing liability and costs.

At DHARASTAN, our channel partners are a part of Our Team which is personally accountable and jointly responsible for the delivery of quality services to our customers. Our services not only benefit clients who utilize them, but they also serve to protect the natural environment.


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Our Services


Pre-treatment & Sewage Network Treatment

The objective of Pre-treatment process is to improve the quality of feed water. It is done prior to the main process to...

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Effluent & Sewage Treatment Plants

There has been a technological shift towards streamlined systems and processes, which has widened the range of environmental protection...

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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Treatment

Enzyme based treatment designed to arrest MIC in pipelines & process equipments ...

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Bio-degradable Solid Waste Treatment

Regular composting, also known as “cold composting” is a very slow process, does not ...

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Biotech Soil Stabilization

DharaZyme is a unique completely natural multi-enzyme bio-degradable product specifically developed as...

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Mineral Based Heat Reflective Coating

Clima Cool is highly effective eco-friendly Heat Reflective costing which can reduce surface temperatures...  Read More