Sewage Network Treatment

Sewage Network Treatment DraynZyme’s innovative technology re-engineers sewage handling and grid management to economically deliver numerous benefits while improving wastewater treatment and network efficiencies. The Sewage Network Treatment - Program employs our unique and proprietary process of “In-line digestion (ILD)” which involves the use of DraynZyme - ILD packs at distinctive locations in the sewage…
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Biotech Soil Stabilization

Biotech Soil Stabilization DharaZyme is a unique completely natural multi-enzyme bio-degradable product specifically developed as an effective aid to the workability, amalgam, binding and compaction of soil. By its action, it alters and improves the local soils physical and chemical properties which result in significantly less mechanical effort to achieve greater densities for compaction. It…
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Sewage Treatment Plant

Our Team of experienced personnel aim to eliminate your waste water treatment burdens by performing day-to-day operational tasks and undertaking associated monitoring and maintenance burdens on a long-term (annual) basis. Thus indemnifying you of your Sewage Treatment commitments.
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