About Us


Who we are

DHARASTAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a hub delivering innovative solutions for ecologically friendly applications and a platform for emergent technologies and processes. We are managed by qualified, creative and resourceful personnel with over 25 years’ experience in our manifested field of activity.
Our strengths have evolved from the synthesis of unique in-house research and development capabilities paired with our global distribution and implementation proficiency thus bringing us closer to a shared goal of employing greener products, services, and solutions.

We invest in scientific research, forming partnerships with leading research institutions around the world to explore and develop a variety of commercial applications for our core technologies.
Using our in-depth expertise in the fields of Applied and Bio-technology we have developed efficient products and protocols to solve rural, urban and industrial effluent problems economically and bring down the cost of treating biodegradable wastes.

Our products are all produced and designed to deliver the desired end results naturally, without side effects or creation of pollutions, as compared with chemical products. None of our products will harm any plant, fish, bird, animal or human.

We therefore work with best-in-class channel partners as a part of our team to distribute and sell our products though implementation of our process solutions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to compel a Commitment With Our Planet by adopting Green ways for a cleaner and healthier DHARÃ and the sustainable consumption of its bounties.

We believe in GreenDHARÃ, the conservation of DHARÃ, which in Sanskrit means the Earth.

Our Commitment

Commitment With Our Planet …. GreenDHARÃ .... is a part of our end-to-end commitment to incorporating environmental awareness into everything we do.

Keeping it .... SIMPLE AND SENSIBLE .... is the substance of our philosophy and our day-to-day activity.

We invite you to join us on this continuous journey towards GreenDHARÃ which begins with Green thinking on a global scale.

Why wait until tomorrow? Commit today and implement environmentally friendly practices by employing innovative products, services and solutions that reduce cost and energy usage.